Our Classes

We offer a variety of classes in all forms of dance. Our instructors are certified and have incredible experience in the dance world. With award-winning choreography, our instructors are true professionals. From the lead roles in the Chicago musical to the winning choreographies, the teaching is second to none.

Perfect for 3 to 5-year-olds, this class is an introduction to dance. The class will explore movement through music, stimulate students’ imagination and promote creativity. It will also give them an understanding of the classroom community, improve social skills and develop fine motor skills all while having fun!

A highly disciplined training in which a standard progression of exercises builds the strength and flexibility required for classical positions and steps. Posture, alignment, and centre of balance are reinforced concepts taught throughout all ballet levels. Each class will focus on the importance of extension, strength, and flexibility. These concepts are vital to all other dance forms.

For dancers of all ages. Students will learn a commercial style of hip hop, the kind you would see in music videos. The objective of this course is to learn a choreography where the student can add their style and attitude.

This class combines the best of both worlds. Children learn ballet technique while developing posture, poise and grace and then let loose with dramatic and energetic jazz moves. Age appropriate material is presented in a fun and exciting manner.

Students will explore ways in which the body responds to and expresses emotions. They will develop their imagination, body coordination, and musicality, all leading to higher levels of technique and increased body awareness. This class incorporates jazz, contemporary, lyrical, and commercial jazz styles.


Tap dance is the use of both feet as a musical instrument. The object of this form of dance is to master the use of the body and feet in playing melodic patterns and drumming out rhythms. Students will need tap shoes.

Musical Theatre

Gives dancers the opportunity to experience the world of musical theater in a performance-based class where students learn the basics of dancing, acting and the visual arts. Rehearsal time is designed for dancers to prepare pieces for a theatrical Rockin’ and Rollin’ version of Beauty and the Beast which will take place December 28th and 29th at La Scene Tremblant in collaboration with Imagine Premiere Productions.

Adult Dance

It’s never too late to learn. This class will start at the level of the dancers in the class. This class is the perfect introduction to the fundamentals of dance or build on your existing knowledge. Develop your skill set in traditional dance elements in a non-competitive, fun environment. Classes will include a warm-up, technical training, work across the floor, and experiences with learning different choreography styles. There will be no end of session show for this class, it’s just for the love of dance.

NB: Tuition fees are the combination of choreography, music rights, music cuts and weekly instruction.

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